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As part of our on-going caring service, we update our operating procedure because of Covid-19 and protect everyone by following the government’s guidelines on social contacts and so we have switched to secure, on line  contacts.

If you have any points you want to raise, please let us know.

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Counselling and Therapy now available wherever you are .

Imagine you could have your own personal therapist with over 41 years of experience at your fingertips. Well, you can have just that, as Newcastle Counselling offers a secure facility online.

COVID-19 has caused many difficulties, but new online systems have developed to facilitate your needs like Phoenix rising from the ashes. People have raised concerns, and also they are still hankering after the old system of face-to-face therapy. 

I would say that the Internet’s system is encrypted end to end and is very secure in reply to those concerns. Seeing people face-to-face in the office these days, it’s hardly face-to-face. You would have to wear a mask and also a visor. The therapist would even be wearing a mask and a visor, so It would be hardly be called face-to-face. Furthermore, if a particular client contracted cover 19, I’ll be obliged to disclose all my clients’ names and addresses to the authorities so they could trace the individuals. This disclosure will be a clear breach of confidentiality.

On the other hand, communication via the Internet gives you peace of mind about confidentiality and affords you the convenience of working from your premises. I’ve been actively working with this particular method for the last five months and, and the people I’m working with find very useful and very convenient. Furthermore, the results are just as good or even better than the face-to-face situation. As, on the Internet, you are face-to-face. Therefore, attention focuses on the therapy instead of greeting people moving around, getting forms completed, et cetera. 

You can try it for free, and offer you a free initial consultation to have a chat. Find out what is involved, discuss the nature of your issues, and work a way forward. There will be no obligation to this initial consultation, at the end of which you can go off and think about things before committing to any further help.

Why not arrange an initial consultation and help yourself move forward to solutions to issues that you may be concerned about at this moment in time? Just call or contact us.

BUPA verifies me, so if you have insurance with them, find me on their site under “Find a Therapist” and get a referral, and BUPA will pay my fees. If you have a scheme through Nuffield Health, contact their referrals line and ask to be referred to me. They will pay the fees.

Counselling Treatment in Newcastle

Treatments & Methods

We deal with any issues relating to feels, reactions or habits. So, if you are having difficulties that effect any of the above, please contact us so that we can help you find solutions quickly by taking a proactive approach to your issues.

Anger Management Therapy UK at Newcastle Counselling

Anger Management

The mechanics of anger are natural processes! Understanding them and managing them is our expertise.

couple counselling Newcastle

Couple Counselling

Couple counselling has been show to be effective in strengthening happy relationships and supporting and repairing relationships that are troubled.

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Joseph McAnelly - Counsellor Newcastle

Mr. Joseph L Mc Anelly B.A Hons (Psych], Sen. Acc. B.A.C.P., Grad. M.B.P.S.,Acc, supervisor,
Sen. Acc. M.N.C.H. Sen. Acc. M.N.C.P., M.B.A.B.C.P. Trainer N.L.P.

Counselling in Newcastle

Providing a personal service to help you with your issues using proactive and dynamic approaches that are simple, tried and effective methods with more than 41 years experience. Call Newcastle Counselling today.



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Look to Newcastle Counselling for help with your issues. We are based in Newcastle upon Tyne, and now on line. We offer a wide variety of helpful counselling services including anger management, couple counselling, therapy for stress and psychotherapy. Everything that we discuss is confidential and the service is about you and your individual needs. Our therapist/counsellor has over 41 years experience and senior accredited by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and graduate member of the British Psychological Society.